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Intermediate/Advanced One Off Twins Workshop

3-Beat Butterfly Weave


Forwards 3 Beat Weave - See my Youtube tutorial or 4 week course

Reverse 3 Beat Weave - See my Youtube tutorial or 4 week course

Not essential by some knowledge of Thread the Needle would be helpful

I will be showing you the step by step process to achieve this movement.  The full movement is an advanced trick so it's likely wraps you'll need extra time to drill each step after the class. My focus will be to make sure everyone knows what step they are at personally and help solidify that step and show the next.  

£12 for the class 

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Class covers:

1. All 4 2bt Butterfly Weaves

2. Practice drills with one and two hoops that will help you achieve the full movement

3. Breakdown of all 4 Butterfly Weaves

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    Demo of the Trick & Teaching Method

    • 3-Beat Butterfly Weave Demo

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