Pay what you can afford pricing:

All ticket money will be shared between the performers. All 3 prices = Access to the live show & recording

Cyber SWhoop Xmas Panto Show

Come see the Show live on Sunday 27th Dec 6.30pm or catch up with the video after :)

Join your hosts Peter Fan (Emma Kenna) & Captain Hoop (Jason Carr) on a whirlwind tour of Neverland (also Emma & Jasons living room) in our attempt at a mini Panto :P

As well as some random shenanigans from Peter Fan & Captain Hoop you'll see magical performances (some live and some pre-recorded) from:

Elvee Elements

Anetak Raketak

Lisa Lottie


Penny Farthing

Kris with a Kay

Hoops, Aerial, Singing & More :)

The show is INCLUDED as part of the FULL EVENT TICKET.  


If you are looking for the FULL EVENT PAGE CLICK HERE :)

Show is suitable for all ages :)

You will receive an email with the show zoom link 15mins before the show starts :)

Dress up to fit the theme if you want to enter the SWhoop Costume competition and win a full ticket to the next Cyber SWHoop. 

Theme is Xmas Panto - Peter Pan* & Captain Hoop so anything Panto (look up British Pantomime), Peter Pan or Xmas themed.  PJs or whatever you're wearing is also appropriate :P

*PLEASE NO MISREPRESENTATION/ APPROPRIATION OF NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE (eg. feather head dresses etc - that's a part of the Peter Pan story we can leave out forever).

Woo! Merry Xmas & See you at the show!

Video Recording of the Show will be available here

I'll upload after the event on 27th Dec and before 1st Jan