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This part of the OTT Program includes:

  • Warm Up & Cool Downs
  • Types of Class (Planning/Structure)/Lesson Plans):
    •  Weekly 
    • Festival/ one-off Workshops
    • Convention Workshops
    • Hen Parties

  • Creativity Cards & How to Use Them
  • Flow Cards & How to Use Them
  • Hooping Mad Beginners Foundation Classes & Class Plans
  • Hooping Mad Weekly Beg/Improvers Hoop Class logistics
  • Case Studies: Filming & Video Editing
  • Instagram for Dummies
  • Case Studies: Find Your Niche
  • Applying to Teach at Hoop Conventions
  • Touring Workshops - Set up, Pricing, Etiquette

These Classes will be added over May - July 2022.  

OTT Hoopers will be contacted when new videos are released.

OTT Hoopers will have access to Zoom Q&As (live/recorded) on each chapter. Details on the Community FB Group.