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Hoop Combo 1

Christine Weigel

Course Content

Intermediate Single Hoop Combo Classes with Emma

Single Hoop

75 minutes/week


6 x LIVE Zoom Classes

Forever access to video recordings of full classes and recaps

£40 for the course

45EUR | 55USD | 72AUD | 70CAD | 201AED | 76NZD | 49CHF | 181ILS | 460SEK | 469NOK

Class Content:

Week 1- 5: Different combo each week :)

Week 6: Flow Class (explore your own movement and creativity)

You will need 1 hula hoop for these classes. All sizes are welcome. 

Good to have a hoop you are comfortable hooping on the body and a hoop that you are happy spinning on the hands. This can be one hoop or you can switch between hoops you have.

Pricing Options

Includes live classes and class videos/recaps forever

Weekly LIVE class times

All classes in a week will cover the same content, so you can choose the time to suit you.

To use the time map: 

Find your city in the time map to see the time of the class in your location. If your city isn't shown, find the nearest location and minus/plus the time difference, OR you can click on this link for the Tuesday class and this link for the Sunday class to see the time in your local timezone.

Dates of the classes:

Week 1: Tuesday 19th Oct | Sunday 24th Oct

Week 2: Tuesday 26th Oct | Sunday 31st Oct

Week 3: Tuesday 2nd Nov | Sunday 7th Nov 

Week 4: Tuesday 9th Nov | Sunday 14th Nov

Week 5: Tuesday 16th Nov | Sunday 21st Nov

Week 6: Tuesday 23rd Nov | Sunday 28th Nov

Book in for the LIVE classes now!

Course Curriculum

Video content will be listed here after the LIVE classes

  • 1

    Hoop Combo 1

    • W1 Whole Class

    • Demo of W1 Combo

  • 2

    Hoop Combo 2

    • W2 Whole Class

    • W2 DEMOvideo19012392619

  • 3

    Hoop Combo 3

    • W3 Whole Class

    • Demo of W3 Combo

  • 4

    Hoop Combo 4

    • W4 Whole Class

    • Demo of W4 Combo

  • 5

    Hoop Combo 5

    • W5 Whole Class

    • Demo of W5 Combo

  • 6

    Recap of 6 combos plus flow session

    • W6 Whole Class

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