Course Content

Intermediate Single Hoop Combo Classes with Emma

Single Hoop

75 minutes/week

£30 for the course 

Class Content:

Week 1- 5: Different combo each week :)

Week 6: Flow Class (explore your own movement and creativity)

You will need 1 hula hoop for these classes. All sizes are welcome. 

Good to have a hoop you are comfortable hooping on the body and a hoop that you are happy spinning on the hands. This can be one hoop or you can switch between hoops you have.

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣WARM UP before starting the classes.

Follow along with the classes and pause and practice whenever you need to. 

TOP TIP: Have a playlist of your favourite music ready so you can pause and practice as you do the class :)

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Course Curriculum

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    1. W1 Combo Whole Class

    2. W1 Combo Recap

    1. W2 Combo Whole Class

    2. W2 Combo Recap

    1. W3 Combo Whole Class

    2. W3 Combo Recap

    1. W4 Combo Whole Class

    2. W4 Combo Recap

    1. W5 Combo Whole Class

    2. W5 Combo Recap

    1. W6 Review & Combining the Combos Class (Weeks 1-5 together)

    2. W6 Recap 1: Slow walk through of all 5 combos

    3. W6 Recap 2: Faster follow along (whole course combo)

    4. W6 Flow Section

About this course

  • £30.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

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