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Kick Up from the Floor

This is the number one requested nemesis trick and for good reason! It's a tricky one.

Kick ups are all about timing. In the videos you will go through a number of drills and movements to help your body really understand what it needs to do. Step by step instruction. For the mega geeky who like to hoop both ways and that like to learn all the ways you can access 20 types of kick up + ankle hooping + 'nudging' the hoop from the ankles to the knees in this course!! But my main aim is you know all the options so you can find and master your fave kick up :)


What you need know to be able to take this workshop

  • Knee Hooping

What you need

Hoop and Clothing suggestions for this video course

  • If possible - do the course on a hard flat floor. You can do kick ups on carpet but it's harder

  • Wear socks that cover the ankles, and ideally 2 different colours so you can easily identify which foot is which :).

  • Wear shorts so that your legs are bare from mid thigh down

  • Use the lightest hoop you can comfortably knee hoop with. It's more important that the knee hooping is solid over the hoop being light.

  • Inside grip tape will help with the knee hooping and anything that makes the knee hooping easier will help with this trick BUT it will be rougher on your feet so it's up to you whether you use a hoop with inside grip or not

  • You can switch hoops for the different drills depending on what is easiest for each :)

Money back guarantee:

If you don't learn it, you get your money back*

*This move takes a bit of drilling. If you complete the video course and do the drills at least every other day for 2 weeks and you don't get the trick, I'll give your money back. If you haven't got it in a week of drills send me a video and I'll give you some personal feedback :)

Demo of the Basic Kick Up

Please note : I cover a lot of different options in the course :)

Course Curriculum

This is a listing of the videos in this course. To access the videos click the button in the top banner.

    1. Introduction and Warm Up

    1. Flooring and Hoop Recommendations

    2. Introduction to the Spin Around The Feet

    3. Option 1: Chinese Circus Start (hoop starts behind you)

    4. Option 2: Russian Circus Start (hoop starts in front of you)

    5. Option 3: Tic Tok Start (hoop starts in front of you)

    6. Option 4: Dance/Turning Start (hoop starts behind you)

    7. Option 5 / Useful Tool: Ankle Hooping

    8. Drill 3 : Pick a Spin!

    1. Drill 4: The Lift Up (hoop not spinning)

    1. Drill 1: Knee Hooping for Kick Ups

    2. Drill 2: Terrible Throw to the Knees

    1. Part 1 : Explanation using the Chinese Starting Spin

    2. Part 2 : Alternative Start examples

    3. Extra Tool: Speed Ups

    4. Extra Tool: Double Take / Hook Ups

    5. Extra Tool: Nudge Ups from ankles to knees

    1. Recap of Drills

About this course

  • £15.00
  • 19 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What is the Nemesis Series?

You CAN do it!

We all have those tricks we 'just can't get' - I always call it my Nemesis Trick. It took me 5 YEARS to be able to do a chest roll even though I could do multiple shoulder duck outs and all sorts of crazy leg rolls and I'd done loads of workshops on it!!! It just wouldn't click! In the end I broke it down into really little pieces and I finally got it and now it's one of my fave moves. Yay! In this series of one off workshops I'll be sharing my step by step breakdowns and all the tips I have for the most common nemesis tricks. I've got 14 years worth of teaching tips to share with you! Let me help you master your nemesis!!!!

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