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Live Zoom Classes on 30th April, 1st and 7th May 2022

One Handed Helicopter

A real show stopper and a firm favourite of mine!

One handed helicopters can be done on both hands in both directions. I will show you both ways and you can either choose to perfect your best one or learn them all which opens up the door to doing it with two hoops at the same time! In the LIVE ZOOM CLASS - I will share all my tips and will also watch you individually and give you specific feedback. The teaching part of the live class will be recorded and you can view it forever.


What you need know to be able to take this workshop

  • None

What to Bring

Hoop and Clothing suggestions for this workshop

  • All hoops will work but a lighter hoop will make it easier.

Money back guarantee:

If you don't learn it, you get your money back*

*If you don't get the trick after attending the live class, I'll give your money back.

Demo of the One Handed Helicopter

Course Curriculum

Video content will be listed here after the LIVE classes

  • 1

    Demo of One Handed Helicopter

    • 1 Handed Helicopter Demo (only 1 hand, 1 direction)

Class Time

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What is the Nemesis Series?

You CAN do it!

We all have those tricks we 'just can't get' - I always call it my Nemesis Trick. It took me 5 YEARS to be able to do a chest roll even though I could do multiple shoulder duck outs and all sorts of crazy leg rolls and I'd done loads of workshops on it!!! It just wouldn't click! In the end I broke it down into really little pieces and I finally got it and now it's one of my fave moves. Yay! In this series of one off workshops I'll be sharing my step by step breakdowns and all the tips I have for the most common nemesis tricks. I've got 14 years worth of teaching tips to share with you! Let me help you master your nemesis!!!!

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