SWhoop Warm Up August

Event 2 of 3


4 x 45 min hoop workshops with 4 of the world's best hoopers!


You can sign up for the event at the top banner OR you can pay one of the lovely teachers direct and then send me a screenshot of your payment and your name and email to info@hoopingmad.co.uk :)

The schedule for the LIVE event  :

Anetak Raketak (Czechia)

Emma Kenna (UK) 

Taylor Flows (USA)

Brecken Rivara (USA)

Sunday 14th August 2022 - Live ZOOM Classes


This is the 2nd event of 3 over the next 3 months!

Please note the 11th September event is the same timings as this.  The 10th July event is at different times and is Australasia time zone friendly.

When you buy the course you receive access to the live Cyber SWhoop event on Zoom plus lifetime access to all workshop videos & performances filmed on 10th July 2020

When you buy the 3 event bundle you receive access to all 3 live cyber SWhoop events on Zoom plus lifetime access to all workshop videos & performances filmed on 10th July 2020, 14th August and 11th September.

Taylor Flows - USA

⭐Double Trouble ⭐

In this class we will be going over a super fun and dynamic doubles long combo! Through working on a long combo, we will be covering new transitions, sequencing, and new tricks. There will be takeaway for all levels in this class. US Hoopers - PAY Taylor Direct via Venmo (@Taylor-Duffrin) or paypal and send me a screenshot of payment with your name and email to info@hoopingmad.co.uk

Emma Kenna - UK

⭐On-Body Drills with 1 Hoop for Multi-Hooping⭐

In this workshop I'm going to share my tips on knee, waist & chest hooping and show you the 1 hoop drills I did to get my 4-hoop split :) Even if you have no interest in ever doing 4 hoops, this class will help you improve your on-body hooping with 1 hoop :) Part instruction and part follow along! Suitable for all levels because we'll be doing both directions :)

Brecken Rivara

⭐Hoop Workshop⭐

Workshop description coming soon :)

Cyber SWhoop August 2022

Videos will be added after the Live sessions on 14th August 2022! Below is a list of the course content. Click the button on the top banner pic to access the videos :)

    1. Hoop Workshop with Anetak Raketak

    2. Hoop Workshop with Taylor Flows

    3. Hoop Workshop with Emma Kenna

    4. Hoop Workshop with Brecken Rivara

About this course

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  • 4 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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