Event 1 Workshops

January 2024 - now available as video classes

  • Beautiful Leg Spins with Lila Chupa-Hoops

  • Transitioning Through Planets with Chris Gogler

  • Framed Double Hoop Skills with HotHoopDanceMama

  • Single Hoop Loops with MissMojangles

Event 2 Workshops

February 2024 - videos coming soon!

  • Floor Choreo / Floreos! with Eshna Kutty

  • Fun Loop Combos with Mariloop

  • Pop, Lock, and Hoop it! with PhotographLee

  • 2 Hoops Choreo for Beginners with Aneta

Event 3 Workshops

24th March 2024

  • Twin Explosive Combos! with Nuria

  • Hoop Workshop with Emma

  • Folded Tosses with ThatHoopGuy

  • 1 Hoop Workshop with Tina


  • The Zoom events are done. Can I still do the workshops?

    YES - all classes were recorded, meticulously edited and added as video classes after the live events. You can access these classes at anytime and do them at your own pace. The video player has a built in speed control so you can watch bits in slow mo / speed up the class depending on what you need.

  • I want to support one of the teachers and pay them direct. Do I get the same as if I bought through the website?

    YES - it's exactly the same. If you pay any of the teachers direct, be sure to email me (Emma) a screenshot of your payment info at [email protected] so I can enroll you to the bundle. You can find teacher payment info below. Thanks for supporting our amazing teachers!

  • Can I pay in my own currency?

    In many cases YES - you can pay for this bundle in your own currency through any of our worldwide teachers directly. It'll save you money on fees, meaning our amazing teachers also receive more. See payment links below.

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