Course Content

All levels Twin Hooping Course - 6 Classes

ALL 2 hoops (aka Twins)

90mins/ week! All Levels

I sometimes end up teaching for 2hrs but I'm trying to keep it to 90mins - Bonus time :P

£45 for the course 

50€ * 81AU$ * 84CA$ * 187AED * 79NZ$ * 48CHF * 175ILS * 472SEK * 484NOK

Dec/Jan Class Content :

  1. W1: Goddess Machine & Linear Iso hybrid
  2. W2: Weaves & Turning
  3. W3: Rolling with 2
  4. W4: Wedgies with Twins
  5. W5: Reels
  6. W6: Using Throws

Due to popular demand this course will be INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED - if you have done a twins course with me then you are welcome to come.

If you have never done a class with me then please see the following list of prerequisites - I have linked to tutorials on each thing:

- Spinning the hoops forwards and backwards on both hands

- Forwards 2-beat weave (helpful if you have the 3-beat too)

- Backwards 2-beat weave (helpful if you have the 3-beat too)

- Windmill (both directions a bonus)

- Generally happy playing with one hoop :)

If you haven't done any classes with me then I would HIGHLY recommend taking THIS ONE OFF WORKSHOP prior to starting this twins course.

Pricing options

Includes live classes and class videos/recaps forever

Weekly LIVE class times

All classes in a week will cover the same content so you can choose the time to suit you.

You come to class once a week.  There are 4 options for class times (you choose one class time but you can mix & match to suit your schedule):

To use the time maps: look at your location on the world map for the time of that class in your area :) If your location isn't shown then find the nearest location and minus/plus the time difference :)

These times are now inclusive of daylight savings.

Start dates for the this block:

Monday 7th Dec

Wed PM/Thurs AM 9th/10th Dec

Thursday 10th Dec

Sunday 13th Dec

There will be a 2 week break over xmas/NY between the W2 and W3 classes.

Book in for the LIVE classes now!

Course curriculum

Video content will be listed here after the LIVE classes

  • 1

    Week 1 : Goddess Machines+

    • W1 Goddess Machines WHOLE CLASS

    • W1 Goddess Machines RECAP

  • 2

    Week 2 : Weaves & Turning

    • W2 Turning Weaves WHOLE CLASS

    • W2 Turning Weaves RECAP

  • 3

    Week 3 : Rolling with 2

    • W3 Twin Rolls Whole Class

    • W3 Twin Rolls Recap

  • 4

    Week 4: Wedgies with Twins

    • W4 Wedgies with Twins Whole Class

    • W4 Twin Wedgies Recap

  • 5

    Week 5: Reels

    • W5 Reels Recap Mon

    • W5 Reels Whole Class Mon

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