Course Content

Intermediate/Advanced Twin Hooping Course with Emma Kenna

ALL 2 Hoops (aka Twins)

90 minutes/week

£30 for the course 

Class Content:

Week 1: Front Waist Wraps

Week 2: Combo including Front Waist Wrap

Week 3: Catseye vs Isolation

Week 4: Combo including Catseye vs Isolation

Week 5: Two Hoops One Hand

Week 6: Combo including Two Hoops One Hand

This course is INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED. Please see the following list of prerequisites. I have linked to tutorials on each thing.

Spinning the hoops forwards and backwards on both hands

Forwards 2-beat weave (helpful if you have the 3-beat too)

Backwards 2-beat weave (helpful if you have the 3-beat too)

Generally happy playing with one hoop :)

Though this course is for all levels, some experience with 1 hoop is recommended. 

If you haven't done any classes with me, then I would HIGHLY recommend taking THIS ONE OFF WORKSHOP or taking one of my beginner twins courses prior to starting this twins course.

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣WARM UP before starting the classes.

Follow along with the classes and pause and practice whenever you need to. 

TOP TIP: Have a playlist of your favourite music ready so you can pause and practice as you do the class :)

Pricing Options

Includes forever access to whole class videos and recaps

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Demo of the whole combo from this course

Course Curriculum

This is a listing of the videos in this course. To access the videos click the button in the top banner.

    1. W1 Whole Class

    2. W1 Recap

    1. W2 Whole Class

    2. W2 Recap

    3. Bonus Teaching Video: Gyros (contact hoop coin flip) - Excerpt from W5 Twins Package 7

    1. W3 Whole Class

    2. W3 Recap

    1. W4 Whole Class

    2. W4 Recap

    1. W5 Whole Class

    2. W5 Recap

    1. W6 Whole Class

    2. W6 Recap - Combo walkthrough

    3. Mega Combo Recap (walkthrough of W2, W4, W6)

About this course

  • £30.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

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